Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hair Loss Treatments

Alopecia Tips
It is a condition of locks reduction from your body or head. It will lead to a condition called baldness. The locks reduction is of different types.  The patchy locks thinning is locks reduction areata. It is sudden locks thinning will result in patches. Once it starts then we can’t cure it. It will lead to baldness.  If we lose the locks of system then it is called locks reduction universalis. The same condition will occur when we do chemotherapy. The locks reduction destroys the locks follicle and replaces it with scar tissues. It is of different type and affects both the men and the women. There are different types of locks reduction locks thinning therapy. Androgenic-alopecia locks thinning therapy, diffuse locks reduction locks thinning therapy, traction locks reduction locks thinning therapy, areata locks reduction locks thinning therapy are some of it.
For locks reduction corticosteroids are used. They are injected into your body or in the form of tablets. The locks regrowth may persist up to 6 months after one injection.  We have to repeat this injection after certain intervals and the process cause a little pain as it is injecting directly into our body. At the same time the steroids will cause adverse effect in your body as they cause hormonal and other problems.

The ayurveda also recommend some treatment options for the hair loss. As ayurveda is the use of herbal plants it does not generate any adverse impact.  It is the conventional medicinal practises of Indian. The ayurveda considers in three doshas ,vatta pitta and kapha.  A individual's primary characteristics is using the exclusive combination of these three doshas.  All the illness is due to the discrepancy of these three doshas. Normal oil, herbal insert, herbal sprays are used for the therapy. The ayurvedic therapy is very successful but it requires a little more a chance to get treated.


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