Friday, 15 June 2012

Avian Influenza

What is small rodent flu?

Bird flu is an disease due to a certain type of bird flu malware. Although there are many types of small rodent flu, the type that now issues health employees is the H5N1 small rodent flu malware. This malware is discovered in wildlife. Most of time, wildlife don't get tired from the malware. But wildlife can easily pass the malware to outrageous birds that are being brought up for food, such as flock, geese, and turkeys. The malware can cause them to get very tired.

Usually small rodent flu malware is not approved from outrageous birds to individuals. But since 1997, some individuals have become tired with this serious, dangerous type of small rodent flu. Most of these attacks have been in China among individuals who have had close get in touch with with outrageous birds brought up on plants. But professionals believe that the malware may gradually propagate to all parts of the world. So far, no situations of H5N1 small rodent flu in people have been discovered in North america or the United Declares.

What causes small rodent flu?

Bird flu is due to a malware. After a outrageous small rodent infects a farm-raised small rodent, the malware can easily propagate among a large number of outrageous birds. Sick outrageous birds must then be murdered to stop the malware from distributing.

People who come into get in touch with with tired flock, geese, or turkeys are more likely to get the malware. Bird flu malware can be approved through small rodent excrement and spit on materials such as crates, vehicles, and other town equipment.

Most individuals don't need to fear about getting tired with small rodent flu malware. You cannot get small rodent flu from eating fully prepared poultry, poultry, or in, because heat eliminates the malware.

Why are individuals so concerned about small rodent flu?

In a few situations, professionals think that small rodent flu was approved from one individual to another individual, not from a small rodent to a individual. Because germs can change easily (mutate), professionals fear that small rodent flu will one day be approved easily from individual to individual. This is a terrifying probability, because the H5N1 small rodent flu malware can get individuals to more sick than other types of flu germs. Even though only a few hundred individuals are known to have been tired with small rodent flu, more than half of them have passed away.

Experts also fear because the H5N1 small rodent flu malware is so different from other flu germs that our systems do not have any resistance. Not having resistance indicates that our systems have difficulties battling the malware. It also indicates that anyone, such as those who are otherwise very healthy, can get seriously ill if he or she gets this type of small rodent flu.


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